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Can you believe this month is already 1/2 way over?!! January seemed to drag for…

Can you believe this month is already 1/2 way over?!! January seemed to drag for me but this month is flying. I figured it was a good time to check up on my goals for the month:

•get my website up and running ✔️
•read 5 books (3 down, 2 to go)
•keep screen time under 5 hours a day (last week was 7.5 hours so I’m failing here…)
•eat breakfast daily (I’m struggling here too! I’ve been waiting until about 11 to eat brunch and then my eating is all thrown off)

If you’re not totally crushing your goals you set out for the month that’s ok! Good thing the month isn’t over yet! In order to help cut down my screen time I’m going to put my phone away after dinner and for breakfast, I need to make sure I have schedule time in my calendar to cook it because we all know how crazy the day can get. I know if I get a good breakfast in before 10 it sets me up for a better day, I’m more focused and my hunger levels are less throughout the day, especially at night.

Speaking of breakfast, this one I had last week was amazing. It’s full of veggies, protein, carbs and healthy fats to set you up for a good day!

dEATS 🍳🥑
What you’ll need:
•3 eggs (vitalfarms )
•Handful of mushrooms, collard greens, leeks and onions
•1/4 cup of shredded mozzarella
•piece of toast
•1/4 avocado
•flakey sea salt
•black garlic
•drizzle of honey

How to do it:
For the omelette:
•sauté your veggies
•meanwhile, scramble your eggs and pour over a well oiled pan. Cover with lid and let sit over medium low heat
•once eggs are setting, sprinkle in cheese and pour sautéed veggies over one half
•fold over and plate

For avocado toast:
•toast bread
•mash avocado and spread over toast
•sprinkle with flakey sea salt, black garlic and drizzle of honey

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