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Green Goddess Chopped Caprese Salad Man does it feel good to be back in the ki…

Green Goddess Chopped Caprese Salad 🌱

Man does it feel good to be back in the kitchen again. After 2 weeks away on vacation/working remote, I definitely started to miss my kitchen. The break was much needed and the vacation eats were delicious.

This was the first vacation I went on in my memory that I didn’t crash diet beforehand and fully enjoyed every bit of my vacation. I ate richer foods and more desserts than I would have eaten if I were home. Even though my clothes still fit the same (a great reminder that a week or two of more indulgent eating isn’t going to make you go up in a clothing size), I don’t feel my best. I am definitely more lethargic and my skin looks a little more dull with more breakouts.

The focus of this next week to get me feeling back to my best is trying to incorporate as many veggies as possible daily and drink lots of water. I’ll definitely still be having carbs and sugar, no crash dieting here! Just want to get back to feeling good and veggies do that for me. So here’s to a week of veggie loaded meals and feeling great!

Back to the food: this chopped salad was so delicious and fresh, definitely perfect for a spring/summertime lunch

What you’ll need:
(Swipe for ingredients, all from traderjoeslist )
•mini sweet peppers
•red onion
•mozz balls
•green goddess dressing

How to make it:
•chop up all the veggies and cheese
•toss with 2 tablespoons of green goddess dressing

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