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Herby Smashed Peas on Toast I love any excuse to celebrate so doing an early St…

Herby Smashed Peas on Toast🍀

I love any excuse to celebrate so doing an early St Pattys Day celebration with my toast Tuesday!

twohandsnyc was one of my favorite restaurants in nyc and they had a delicious smashed peas on toast which is where I got the inspiration for this meal

Peas are one of those foods I always thought I hated but this dish changed it all for me. They are mixed with a delicious herby vinaigrette and is a great change up from your traditional avocado toast. If you’re skeptical of peas, try this out and let me know if I’ve changed your mind

What you’ll need:
(I got it all from traderjoeslist )
What you’ll need:
•2 pieces of bread (crushed wheat sourdough is the best)
•1/4 cup cottage cheese (can sub ricotta or cream cheese)
For the herby peas:
•1/2 cup frozen peas
•handful of fresh parsley
•handful of fresh mint
•1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
•2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar
•teaspoon olive oil
•tablespoon capers
•red pepper flakes
•micro greens
•lemon juice
•fresh cracked pepper

How to do it:
•boil water and cook frozen peas for 6 minutes. Drain and set aside
•whip cottage cheese in food processor until creamy, set aside.
•in food processor, blend all the ingredients for herby peas (minus peas) and place in bowl. Quickly pulse peas and mix with herby vinaigrette
•assemble toast by spreading whipped cottage cheese, herby peas and top with micro greens, fresh lemon juice and cracked pepper

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