How To Wear New Shoes Without Hurting Your Feet

We have all experienced that dreaded fresh pain of a shoe bites with new pairs, sometimes not even thirty minutes under. New shoes can be the love of your life, only to find out breaking them in is tougher than you thought.

Here are some ways you can defeat the incoming pain.

The Hot Spots

If you’re aware of where the blisters are going to form, you will be more likely to avoid it. The heels are a no-brainer in other areas, such as the sides and the very tip of your toes are quite vulnerable.

Now, blisters are a result of friction between the shoe and your foot. It’s likely that the fit isn’t quite right, which is another thing you should look into. Moisturize your foot before you wear a new shoe, as dry skin tends to get rubbed even more.

Socks to The Rescue

If you get blisters regardless, it might be the shoe that needs stretching. One a shoe shaper, keep the chunkiest sock you can find and let it stay on your shoe for a night to stretch it gently.

If you get blisters while you’re outside, put on those socks on your feet instead. The bulky socks will stretch the shoes instead of giving you blisters.

Blow Drying

If it’s a leather shoe, blow-drying is most effective in stretching them without damaging the product.

First, put on the socks and then wear the shoes. Now, blow dry the place where you feel the shoe is tight. Keep the blow dry at a minimum distance, so you don’t actually end up burning yourself. It should be 30 seconds at a time.

Final Thoughts

These are time-consuming methods, but it’s worth preventing the pain.

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