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Orange Tofu and Bok Choy for this Meatless Monday If you’re trying to eat less…

Orange Tofu and Bok Choy for this Meatless Monday 🍊

If you’re trying to eat less meat in 2021, this is the recipe for you! It’s quick, easy and most importantly delicious!

Pro tip: cook your tofu in your air fryer! You don’t need to go through the hassle of pressing it or anything. Just cube it, throw it in and cook at 400 for 10-15 minutes, tossing every 5 and it’s comes out insanely crisp! No oil or cornstarch needed

For the orange tofu recipe, head over to my friend mybizzykitchen blog for the recipe. The only thing I changed was I cooked my tofu plain in the air fryer and did not coat in cornstarch!

For the Bok Choy 🌱
What you’ll need:
•bok choy (this is 2 medium)
•coconut oil spray
•soy sauce
•rice vinegar
•sesame seeds, to garnish

How to make it:
•wash the bok choy – dirt gets in all the nooks and crannys so give it a good wash and cut in half
•in bowl mix 2 teaspoons of soy sauce with 2 teaspoons of rice vinegar, a few cloves of chopped garlic and some fresh grated ginger (optional). Pour over bok choy. I like to let it marinate for about 5 minutes
•heat pan to medium and coat with coconut oil spray. Add in bok choy and all the sauce
•cover and let cook for about 5 – 10 minutes, when it will start to caramelize. Flip and let the other side cook for about 5 minutes
•garnish with sesame seeds

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