Quick Fixes for a Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are an inevitable part of life. You try something from the store, thinking it’s perfect for you, only to go home and find problems you haven’t noticed before. Let’s take a look at some quick fixes that will save you in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

1. Button Popped Off

Well, it’s not the end of the world you think it is. What you need is a paper clip that has been straightened out. Push it through the whole for one button and then through the other and then back through the first one. Now, the ends of the paper clips have to be twisted together. Bend them a little, so the metal flattens against your clothing.

2. Magnet for The Brooch

The brooch is pretty and all but is it worth making a hole in your shirt for? Instead of the classic pin, add a magnet to the brooch’s shaft by super gluing it. Let it dry and then place it in front of where you want to attach it while holding a magnet inside the blouse at the same place. The magnet will do its magic without damaging your cloth.

3. Faulty Helm

Someone stepped on your pants, and the helm is falling off. Well, now is not the time to panic. Instead, grab a stapler to put it back together. Double-sided tape is an even better option, as the lines won’t be visible.

Just stick the tape on the length of the helm and press it down. The only thing you need to do is cut the tape according to the torn area.

Final Thoughts

These fashion fixes can save up lots of humiliation or give us better fashion ideas. I hope these are useful to you!

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