The Pandemics Influence On Fashion Trends

The fashion industry, especially the fast fashion one, which controls all fashion trends, has been hit hard by the pandemic. The fashion trendsetters had to re-evaluate what can be termed fashion in this era quickly, and we can slowly see the changes in the way people have been dressing. Clothing has become a source of comfort. Let’s take a look at the influence of the pandemic on the trends in the major markets.

1. China- Moving Forward

For China, they have already dealt with the worst of the pandemic. Now, the lockdown is as good as over for them. As such, people who have spent too much time on Instagram looking at fashion influencers are looking forward to copying them. A rise in interest towards brands with large, obvious logos can be noted.

Sequins also seem to be suddenly in trend as China celebrates, leaving the pandemic behind for the time being.

2. The US- Minimalism, and Romance

The concept of minimalism has been making its way around the U.S for quite some time, and the pandemic proved its importance. The less, the better. Regardless, there’s a touch of hope about going forward to a time when the pandemic doesn’t exist anymore, and people seem to be expressing that by wearing more soft color clothes.

The pastel shades soothe people who are still suffering from lockdown anxiety, but it also gives them hope that they will return to spring again.

3. Europe- Sports and Comfort

Europe, which had been hit quite hard with the pandemic at first, took to fighting it by focusing on fitness under lockdown. Pictures of influencers wearing leggings, shorts became quite common. Others are more focused on comfort, choosing track pants and a soft tee. It seems this will continue to be the trend as people try to minimize their need to go out.

Final Thoughts

It seems comfort is the keyword for most trendsetters right now. But once the pandemic loosens its hold, chances are people will go back to more extravagant fashion due to the sheer joy of freedom.

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