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Truffle Pasta I was shocked when I walked into my today and saw they still ha…

Truffle Pasta 🍝

I was shocked when I walked into my traderjoeslist today and saw they still had the famous truffle dip in stock so naturally I came right home and made the easiest most delicious plate of pasta with it. All you need are your favorite noodles and a few spoonfuls of truffle dip and you have the creamiest pasta. This would also be a bomb side dish for your holiday feast that takes zero effort but definitely doesn’t taste like it

What you need:
•favorite pasta noodle (I went with whole wheat fusilli)
•2 tablespoons of traderjoeslist truffle dip
•Italian parsley and truffle powder, to garnish

How to make it:
•make your pasta noodles
•drain and stir in truffle dip
•top with truffle powder and parsley

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  1. Theres barely any truffle stuff in the Santa Cruz tj’s 😭 this looks so good. I bought their truffle cashew pesto which tastes great, but I bet not on this level!

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