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Veggie Pad Thai made with hearts of palm noodles I’ve been craving pad Thai si…

Veggie Pad Thai made with hearts of palm noodles 🌱

I’ve been craving pad Thai since last weekend when a friend of mine says she gets Thai food every Sunday. I immediately added it to recipes I had to come up with this week and I am stoked with the results.

I’ve had a box of the traderjoeslist hearts of palm noodles in my pantry for a month now so I knew I wanted to put them to use and WOW they are a hit in this recipe. Just make sure you rinse and strain them out well before cooking and they are the perfect noodle replacement to get those extra veggies in

Definitely give this one a try, it’s definitely going to be on repeat for me

What you’ll need:
(Everything is from traderjoeslist )
•box of hearts of palm pasta
•1/2 red bell pepper, sliced
•1 large carrot, sliced
•1 egg
•2 teaspoons of minced ginger (I used the frozen cubes)
For the sauce:
•1.5 tablespoons peanut butter
•1/2 tablespoon honey
•1 tablespoon rice vinegar
•1/2 teaspoon fish sauce
•2 tablespoons soy sauce
•red pepper flakes
To garnish:
•chopped peanuts (or almonds)
•green onions
•lime juice

How to do it:
•mix all the sauce ingredients together and set aside.
•over medium heat, sauté ginger, bell pepper and carrots. Mix well
•add in hearts of palm. Mix well and cook for 5 minutes
•push veggies to the side and scramble 1 egg until cooked. Mix with veggies.
•stir in sauce, mix well and stir until well coated
•plate and add all the toppings

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  1. I have been rinsing the heart of palm noodles very well and then repackaging them in broth for at least 12 hours. Made a world of difference in taste.

  2. @healthykel_ ummm I made this and it was FIRE!!! Everyone approved and I will 1000% be making this all the time thank you!❤️

  3. I don’t have fish sauce on hand…do you think I could replace it with oyster sauce or worcestershire sauce? Or neither?

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