Where To Find The Cheapest iPad

A year prior, I composed an article that contrasted iPod costs the world over with sort out, with cash variances and swelling is considered, where you could locate the least expensive iPod. This year, I will sort out where you can locate the most moderate iPad (the 2012 rendition with Wi-Fi 16Gb), ascertaining the Real Exchange Rate.

A couple of presumably false suppositions, in actuality!

  • No transportation costs (theoretical)
  • Trade streams uninhibitedly overall fringes (i.e., no duties).
  • The Demand for iPads doesn’t influence the cost

Note: All costs showed are select of charges. Likewise, China delivers all iPads. However, it is an American item so that we will accept America as a nation of origin. The iPad in America is $499 + charge (expecting about 10% = $550)

Genuine Exchange Rate = (Nominal Exchange Rate) x (Price abroad/Price at home)

iPad Index

cheapest iPad index


On the off chance that any of the Real Exchange Rates were under 1.0, at that point, somebody could purchase an iPod in their nation and sell them in the US. One of the disadvantages is that the conversion scale utilized is a money swapping scale; taking a yearly normal would be more exact.

Shockingly the least expensive nation to purchase an iPad is Malaysia.

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